2024 Spring Auction

MCB is celebrating our 50th anniversary next year. Our first performance was in the spring of 1975.  We are planning a special celebration for our spring concert in 2025.  Click here to learn more.

It is tradition for ensembles such as MCB to commission a special work to commemorate big milestones. So we have selected composer Erika Svanoe to write a new piece of music.  The band really enjoyed playing her Steampunk Suite and Band of Heroes, and will be performing The Town Band, which was written for the Chelmsford Band to mark their 50th anniversary.

This auction is the next step in our capital campaign to raise funds for making this all happen.  Many businesses and organizations from the local community have generously donated the items listed here.  We hope you patronize them and thank them for their generosity.

This auction will close the evening following our June 23rd concert. Please bid on items you are interested in and spread the word. We will be accepting additional donations throughout the auction.

We have more pictures of some items. You can use these links to take a closer look:


Q: I don’t see a button to submit my bid

A: Scroll all the way down, there is a “Next” button at the very bottom.

Q: Does MCB receive the full amount of the bid?
A: Yes! Zeffy is an amazing platform and we will receive 100% of the funds for the item.  There are additional options in the check-out process where you can optionally pay the additional transaction fees to help support Zeffy.

Q: Can I make a direct donation to the band?

A: Use this Zeffy link to make a direct contribution.

Q: What happens after I win an item?

A: We will contact winning bidders to coordinate getting them their items.

Q: I have a question about an item, how can I get an answer?

A: Email us at auction@mcbconcertband.org and we’ll get back to you right away.

Q: I have something to donate, what should I do?

A: We are happy to take additional donations! Email auction@mcbconcertband.org with the details.

Q: Are winning bids tax deductible?

A: Only if the bid amount is above the fair market value of the item. See IRS site here. If you’re not sure, you should discuss with your accountant. We have attempted to provide fair market value for most non-gift card items. We can provide additional letters for documentation if needed.

Q: Are donations to the auction tax deductible?
A: Yes, but the rules are more complicated. See the IRS site on charity auctions here. You should definitely discuss with your accountant.